Why 10,000+ people ride with us on daily basis

Way4You - Saving

Save your cash

Drivers save money on fuel. Passengers don’t overspend on taxi rides. Shared trips are.

Way4You - Safely

Travel safely

Verified driver profiles, rating and feedback system help you to find a pleasant travel companion for daily rides.

Way4You- Fast

Depart right away!

Wide choice of drivers and passengers will let you choose the travel companion fast and smoothly.

For drivers

Way4You - drivers screen

01. Submit your route

Step 1. Create the route.

02. Select date & time

Step 2. Set date and time of route.

03. Choose your passengers

Step 3. Choosing passengers.

For passengers

Way4You - passengers screen

01. Choose the route

Step 1. Find route.

02. Select date & time

Step 2. Choosing date and time.

03. Request the ride

Step 3. Booking trip.

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